First Fashion Festival Leipzig
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» 20den - Leipzig fashion festival « CONCEPT

20den Leipzig fashion festival  took place in May 2008

The  goal of our festival is to give designers, participants and spectators the possibility  to devote themselves to the phenomenon fashion,  to go beyond the simple fascination for the catwalk and the world of glamour surrounding it.  In a sensitive yet  sensible way, we want to trace the structures and processes surrounding  our second skin.

Few other everyday items in our society attract as much attention and fascination as fashion and clothing. The relationship we have with our clothes  remains unavoidable  each of us,  regardless of age and social status,  perceives their own and others clothes: feeling, seeing, hearing. - an everyday process.

We ask ourselves: How is it that jackets and trousers hang in our all wardrobes? What value can clothes have for us? What has a catwalk got in common with my corridor?..

Numerous are the questions and multiple the answers. It is clear to us,
 20den Leipzig fashion festival will only be able to approach the fringe of the immense radius of action of our covering material using a great variety in the means and forms of expression: Documentations, lectures, objects, workshops, performances, fashion shows, films, photographs, printed products etc..
Delivering an insight and multiple perspective on the fashion world.

Young designers and artists, yet to become established, as well as scientists and visionaries from different countries are invited along these lines to come and use free rooms and free spaces in order to present their answers to fashion. According to the sphere of influence of clothes, we expect a very versatile audience. In particular children and young people will have opportunities to find different ways of approaching the everyday item fashion.

The preoccupation with the personal self-portrayal  and self-positioning in relation to both social surroundings and the media will play an important role in our festival.

We would like to achieve this in a playful way with the use of alternative forms of fashion presentations, like for example a fashionshow as a football match, or open workshops of designers, or costume auctions, Designs and sketches of clothing, arranged in versatile ways,  are  gathered as an exhibition. Meanwhile, lectures and documentations, which supply information about production, training processes, media presence of fashion etc. will take place.

20den Leipzig fashion festival: a place for exchanges between designers, artists, and an interested audience.


20den says: THANKS

to all supporters, helpers and informants.


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