First Fashion Festival Leipzig
»den« is a unit of measurement for the yarn count. | 20den stands for insights and transparency
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» 20den - Leipzig fashion festival « ORGANIZERS

The Festival 20den is the first project of Feststoff e. V., a non-profit association that we founded in summer 2007. US: We are young people who started as a team to recover fashion and clothing entirely as an area of life. This is possible thanks to the coming together of the diverse knowledge and skills of each of us in the group. Here is an insight into the core group:

Anja Schmidt ...Keeps the ship together

Born 1982, living in Leipzig. Since 2002 studies at the Burg Giebichenstein - Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle in the faculty of fashion design, Masters estimated for January 2009. Time abroad in Toulouse/France and USA. Numerous internships in the field of fashion production and fashion marketing, amongst others at BLESS in Berlin, and in the field of fashion advancement at Unit F büro für mode in Vienna.

Katharina Kleinfelder ... organises the planning of the exhibition.

Born 1982 in Wels/Austria, living in Weimar and Linz. Studies Textile, Arts and Design at the University of Arts in Linz. 2004/2005 visiting student in Fashion and Textile Design at the Burg Giebichenstein / University for Arts and Design in Halle. 2007 Study visit to Tallinn/Estland at the Estonian Academy of Arts in the faculty of Textile Design. Has taken part in several design competitions and exhibitions, amongst others "Designpfad Wien".

Simon Riedl ...Guards our treasure (the official title is Treasurer)

Born 1982 in Trier, now lives in Halle. Since 2002 studies media science, political science and political economics. Community service in London, study visits to Madrid and Tokio. Since 2005, founder and organiser of a forum for young short-movie-makers from Germany. Staff member of the Martin-Luther University in Halle as assistant lecturer, student assistant and free member. Masters estimated for summer 2008.

Andreas Dürer ... keeps us graphically fit

Born 1982 in Halle, lives in Berlin. From 2002 studied communications design at HKD school of art and design. Study visits to the VSUP in Prague. 2006 changed to the University of Arts in Berlin. Master's estimated for July 2008. Numerous internships in the field of graphic design. Regular involvement with the film group Cinemabstruso and Das Deutsche Literaturinstitut.

Julia Merkel... Is our photographer

Born 1981 in Karl Marx Stadt, lives in Hamburg. From 2002 studied communication design at HKD. 2005/06 visiting student at the "Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg". Numerous internships in the field of graphic design and photography, amongst others at the post-production agency GLOSS in Hamburg. 2006 scholarship from the International Academy for art and design "PENTIMENT".

Maurice Göldner .. graphic and web designer

1978 born in Grölitz, lives in Leipzhig. From 2002 studied communication design at the HKD. 2005 changed to the university of graphic arts and bookmaking (bookbinding = reliure). Master's estimated for July 2008.

Sven Roloff ... delivers internet-technical Know-how.

Born 1978 in Seeheim-Jugendheim bei Darmstadt, living in Halle. 1999 - 2005 studied for a degree equivalent to a master's degree in the section Information-and Knowledge management. 2005-2007 Master's in Multimedia & Authorship at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. Numerous projects in the field of programming websites, organiser of a forum for young short-movie-makers from Germany. Since 2007 enterpriser "Wirkwerk Multimedia" and free-lance multimedia-author.

Diana Schmidt ... Representative figure and contact for journalists and sponsors

Born in Chemnitz in 1977, apparently living in Leipzig and student of Communication Studies, Politics and English at the University of Leipzig since 2003 - Masters estimated for 2009. Already in possession of BA in Business Administration. Internships as well as employment in the field of cultural, political and economical Public Relations, at the moment also engaged in the field of scientific PR.

Anna-Katharina Tretter... Paves the way for international exchanges

Born 1978 in Kirchdorf Austria, living in Brussels. Studied at the College for Glass-Art and Glass-Design in Kramsach/Austria and at the University of Arts in Vienna. Since 2002 studies fashion design at Burg Giebichenstein / University for arts and design in Halle. Numerous internships in the field of fashion production and -graphics, amongst others at the "Ad!dict Creative Lab" in Bruxelles.

Annika Schindelarz... makes THE party

Born in 1981, living in Leipzig. Studied Goldsmith in Hanau and came to Leipzig in 2004. Since then studies Art History, Communication and Media Studies and Historical Auxiliary Science at the University of Leipzig. Numerous activities in the university politics and the film association CineMuro e.V. Numerous internships and study visits to Florence and Lyon.

Meggie Jaworski...can also make the party.

Born in 1985, living in Leipzig. Since 2004 studies Art History and Political science in Leipzig. Eastern Europe-affinity: Numerous internships and study visits to Warsovy and Krakow. Actually in Leipzig but often on the road.


20den says: THANKS

to all supporters, helpers and informants.


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